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Third Runner-Up for the Stephen Colbert Somewhat-Lookalike Contest

William J. Kelly says vote for him, because NO, YOU DA MAN! Share this:

Things You Don’t Expect to See on a Chicago Street in 2012

A sticker featuring Vaughn BodÄ“’s Cheech Wizard. Share this:

Our God Is a Awesomely Petty and Provincial God

The church group trying to purchase the Portage Theater and consecrate it to God vis a vis demolishing its marquee and replacing its Art Deco interior with God knows what kind of cheesy rehabbing, is supposedly circulating petitions to garner support from neighbors who might not know any better. I’d love to hear corroboration on […]

Get Off My Lawn

Ah! ‘Tis the first day of spring, and already the locals (though usually it’s visitors to the neighborhood) are engaging in the exciting sport of car-sitting. For you see, when the weather gets nice, it’s time to go outside, drive somewhere, and then sit in the goddamn car with your six closest friends while you […]

New Steppes of Chicago Post

Parker Berry, Hegewisch, and the Hidden. Share this:

On Behalf of the Irish, Go to Hell!

Display of “Irish” drinking wear in a convenience store window downtown. I don’t know what annoys me more: the boas or the fuzzy rave hats.   Share this:

We Are Awake

We are awake because daughter needed a 11 p.m. feeding and son needed 12:30 a.m. reassuring because his stuffy nose is making it hard to sleep. Also, he required a medicinal snack of club crackers. I hope the crackers do the trick, because this house has been under a fucking plague for what seems like […]

Death Is COOL

Had the splendid opportunity to visit the Cultural Center to view Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection, an amazing, beautiful, terrifying, grisly, perplexing, saddening, and hilarious collection of artworks focused on one thing: DEATH. Is it possible to feel both reborn and doomed? I sure did. If you’re in town, see it, immediately. Share this:

Street Art… or Crazy Herniated Homeless Guy’s Shopping Cart?

You make the call… Share this:

Jobs Shrine

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