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Monthly Archives: May 2010

You Know, There Are Two Sides to Every One-Dimensional Object

All right! All right! Hellloooooo, Chicago! Here they are, together for the first time ever on this stage! I give you… the folks who comment on every single god damned Chicago Tribune article posted online! On bass and guitar… the monsters who think (1) sassy grade schoolers should have the blood whipped out of them, […]

Welcome to Nate’s Nightmare

Nate awoke last night at 12 Midnight. He’s a good sleeper, and for the past year, with a few exceptions, he’s stayed out cold, all night from the moment his head hit the pillow (side note: it wasn’t until this week that we bought him his first pillow). When Nate does emerge from his nightly […]

Words of Advice for Young People

At some point, you have to accept the fact that people don’t get any smarter if you yell at them. And you don’t feel any better for having done so. At least, you’ll realize that after tilting at your 6,000th windmill.

Family Values

Every now and again, while reading to Nate, playing with him, or cuddling and singing with him before bedtime, I realize there’s a two-year-old somewhere being turned into a bully by his barbarian family. That’s a shame, and that kid has my sympathies, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Anyway, someday, that kid […]

Such Great Heights

My dentist has her offices in the Garland Building on Wabash. Having my teeth scraped and my gums poked is made somewhat more bearable by the fantastic view I have of the lakefront from the dentist’s chair. Truly, it’s a gorgeous sight, especially during the summer when all the rich folks sail their boats out […]

Nate Takes a Few Pictures with My Old Camera