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Monthly Archives: September 2010

How Do You Like It?

I never knew about this until today. Stanley Kubrick and Shelley Duvall shot The Shining’s infamous typewriter scene in several different languages for the international versions. From Wikipedia: For each language, a suitable idiom was used: German (Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen—”Never put off till tomorrow what may be done […]

Of Blind Pigs

David Brooks and I, in a rare alignment of planets, agree on something. Performing his usual trick of writing a book review and piggy-backing on another writer (usually issuing his own spin on the writer’s intentions), he addresses literary darling Jonathan Franzen’s latest book Freedom. In-between the sycophantic flattery to ensure he’s on future guest […]


So, I stepped in some dog shit at lunchtime today. It wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, sadly, I’m sure. After a trip to the bathroom I was able to pick out (with a plastic knife) all but the most embedded crumbs of dog grumpy from my shoe’s waffle. What kills […]

Jesus House Walks

Last week’s house walk was a success. I worked at St. John’s Church as a docent and gofer Saturday morning and afternoon, switching between explaining the Christian symbology topping the lancets on the Advent Window, and setting up canopies, tables, and chairs for the beans and brats feast the church laid out for all visitors. […]

Joaquin Phoenhoax

If the 1990s were the age of irony, where everything sat between double quotes, the 2000s and 2010s are promising to be the age of the participatory lie. Bush’s claim of WMDs was the most egregious example. Even in the face of contradictory evidence, even now, long after it’s been proven that Hussein had no […]

“Most plants thrive on animal waste, but I’m afraid this mutation possesses an appetite for the animal itself. ” Day of the Triffids

I don’t think I’ve adequately described the viney nightmare in our backyard. Back in 2006, I raised a 120 pound pumpkin. This  year I have five of what look like 100-pounders or more. Didn’t do much more than plant the seeds, spread a little compost, and walk away. But that’s all that pumpkins really need. […]

For My Next Trick, I Will Fight Crime with This Photograph of a Gun

I certainly won’t say that Molly Norris should have censored herself (especially considering the dweeby innocuousness of her own cartoon), and that she needed to placate the world’s fundamentalist freaks. That just lends ammo those who think honoring other religions’ points of etiquette is the same as mailing plutonium to bin Laden. No, this is […]

Dream 1

Last night I dreamed that my dad, a lawyer who specializes in real estate, was working on a deal for Steve Albini. The Albini part was odd, but what stuck out for me was that Dad, who’s had a number of medical problems these past few years and isn’t as physically quick as he used […]


Back in the 80s, the Boorum and Pease record book was my choice of journals. I think I picked up my first one because my Mom and Dad, being Eisenhower era folks, used them for keeping track of finances, expenses, and so on. They served their purpose, though the paper was only slightly thicker than onion […]

Dreary Fear

I used to cram in a post or two a day, and turn out an article a month. I don’t blame parenthood entirely, because things used to be much looser in other areas of my life. I used to fear being crammed into a box. Now it’s obvious that there’s an organized campaign to stuff […]