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Monthly Archives: May 2012


Adam Yauch has died, and that makes me a bit sad. Not sad enough though to not think that some day Ad-Rock or Mike D. may need to perform as “The Beastie Boy.” More seriously: death is a remarkably stupid idea. Share this:

I’m Tired of These Old Worn-Out Emotions

I need a new emotion that combines rage with tears of frustration and self-righteousness. Something like anger and sadness mixed together. SANGRINESS. I would become sangry whenever someone I don’t even know is more successful than I am. “Why so sangry?” people would ask as they found me tearfully punching a brick wall. “Because life […]


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I need to remember to activate comments. I had to disable them in general because the damn spambots are hitting me like locusts. So, say something to let me know you’re reading! And thanks, Carrie, for the excitement over my recent appearance. Share this:


* The challenge of writing my novel’s first draft (which comes between the rough draft and the final draft) is that while it needn’t be perfect, I’d like it to make sense. Surely, there are continuity errors. I think I’ve jumbled a few characters here and there (one guy has had three different names). And […]

Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas.

In a matter of speaking, I’ve turned up (along with my children and my friends Matt and Dan and their kidlings) on a certain magazine’s cover this week. Yes, I am gleeful and proud. After several months of absolutely shitty happenstance, it was a nice break. My thanks to Mr. W. Share this:


The more I write this book, the closer I come to the end, the more I know it will never see the light of day. Share this:

The Spirit Was Willing, BUT THE FLESH WAS WEAK!

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In Purgatory, the Indolent Sit on Their Asses at the Foot of a Mountain for the Length of Their Lives

I finished and published a 4,000 word essay last week. and yet I already feel like a lazy slug because I haven’t done it again this week. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Share this: