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To Do List 10/17/12

____ Cease being worthless and weak, poss. through pottery class.

____ Eventually, all will come to loathe me. Outline 12-step plan to expedite this.

____ Set date for a complete restructuring of personality.

____ Re-assess/-align/-ject all I have learned, believe in, and have become by Tuesday.

____ Instigate plan to become smarter, focused, less inane, likelier to be remembered (adjust for latter as it is unlikely).

____ Emerge from shell and share myself more freely, so people will grow tired of me more rapidly. Will save time and effort for all concerned.

____ Implement procedure by which I may repair every mistake and embarrassment I experienced in the past.

____ Buy notebook to record means by which to avoid future deaths.

____ Stop by store to pick up untarnished soul, boundless dreams, unvarnished truth, and soul-bolstering spirit of youth.

____ Change cat litter.