Teenage Film Synopses #1

Inspired by a comment from Ms. Kathleen Hein.

There was like this guy, right? And like his family? And they went to this hotel and it snowed a lot. And then a bunch of ghosts and team mascots were there and he went all crazy and shit and like, totally killed this bald black guy with an axe, right?… And these two girls were like standing there and going, “Come play with us, play with us forever.” And the dad totally smashed through the bathroom door and he’s all like, “Here I am! It’s Johnny!”  Then the kid and his mom were like, escaping, and the dad froze to death. I think the dad was that guy in that movie about the insane asylum we totally saw that one time in literature class. Right? Or maybe it was Alec Baldwin, you know, from 30Rock?

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

Chicago writer interested in many things.